Artikelnummer: ö10tirol2014hgh

Österreich 10 Euro Silber 2014 HGH Serie Bundesländer, Tirol

  • handgehoben
  • 17,3 g Silber 0.925
  • Ø 32 mm
  • Münze im Blister
  • Auflage: 40.000 Exemplare
34,90 €
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 Womit das Bundesland Tirol aufwarten kann: mit einem lebendigen Brauchtum, beispielhaft dem Telfer Schleicherlaufen, immaterielles UNESCO Kulturerbe. Auf der sechsten Münze der Serie Bundesländer findet sich auch sonst manches, worauf Tirol stolz sein kann! No other Austrian province is as resonant outside Austria as the Tyrol. Its famous feathered hats are partly responsible for that; so too are its soaring alpine peaks, which captured the world’s imagination during the 1976 Winter Olympics in the provincial capital, Innsbruck. For many those peaks represent the archetypical Austrian landscape, but the Tyrol is far more than that. Steeped in culture, it is Austria’s third largest province and the only one split into two parts, North and East Tyrol. The sixth coin in our educational Austria Piece by Piece series, which was co-designed by the country’s school children, celebrates this enchanting land.